Tips on Video Security System

Tips on Security:

1. Just because nothing has happened doesn’t mean you don’t need to playback your recordings.
a. We recommend that you monitor your recording as well as the live viewing. There are plenty of lerkers that monitor your moves, to strike when opportunity opens up.
b. Our system allows you to record only when there is motion. Which allows you to quickly browse through the your footage and possibly see suspicious activities.

2. Check your system regularly to make sure it is recording.
a. A lot of times when people don’t see any activity, they tend to ignore the system all together. Make sure that your system is recording.

3. Make sure the DVR is placed in a secure area.
a. Securing the DVR is very important, thieves don’t take the time to look for it if it’s not simply placed on a table. Their goal is to get in and go, so by simply placing the DVR under a table with a few things in front of it can save your video archives. Quality is everything, this is why we strive to only provide our customer high quality equipment.

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