**Latest Mega Pixel Security Technology Comparison CVI, TVI, AHD and IP

Different security camera technology may confuse you, but we are here to help. High Definition Surveillance are categorized in Mega Pixels. Standard D1(VGA) is currently the industry standard for almost all the Analog systems. BEWARE IF YOU SEE ON THE CAMERA SPEC (TVL, 960H OR TV LINES), you are looking at a none mega pixel resolution which is now an industry low and will not deliver as clear of an image as Mega pixel would.  The sample image that we have below shows you the difference between the resolutions for you get a better feel of what each technology provides. We have also a break down on what you will need to consider on choosing your security solution.

Different Types of High Definition Solution


This solution is best for location that has an Analog infrastructure in place and is looking for higher resolution solution. HD-TVI & HD-CVI allows you to utilize you existing siamese (Coax w/ Power) cable and deliver up to 2 Mega Pixel image quality. HD-TVI & HD-CVI is a full digital video output that is received by an HD-TVI & HD-CVI DVR. All our HD-TVI & HD-CVI DVRs are networkable and are viewable on all major mobile devices. The major advantage of this technology is its cost and the distance the cable can be ran. The cost of the our TVI & CVI technology is close to what an analog system would cost, but its quality is far better than it.

Video over Coax (1500FT MAX)
Video quality up to 2 Mega Pixel
Requires an HD-TVI or HD-CVI DVR

HD IP Solution :

This solution is best for customers that has multiple locations and would like to record then in a central location. For example, a restaurant owner has 2 locations that would require 4 cameras each. They can install the cameras in each location but only have one NVR as a central recoding station "Home Base". The NVR does not necessarily need to be in one of the restaurants at all as well. It can be recoding from the owner's home or corporate office. This allows you to remotely record and manage each location from one central NVR (recorder). Wifi IP cameras are also available for those who have out buildings and are not able to run wires to them, as long as your main building transmits a wireless network signal to that location you will be able to integrate our IP solution.

Video over CAT5
Video quality up to 8 Mega Pixel
Requires an IP NVR
POe switch also needed unless built into the NVR
Record the camera to another location (via Internet)


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