High Definition Surveillance Security Solution NEVER been easier 4-IN-1 Technology

The new HD through COAX security cameras (TVI, CVI, AHD) has taken the world by storm, unfortunately except HD-SDI which has lost its traction in the market.

Never before that Full high definition 1080p has costed so cost effectively and can be easily installed under most of the old Analog cable infrastructure.

Then what is going on with having different technology? I don't want to change my DVR but I have one bad camera? What should I do? Which camera should I buy that will work with my system?

These are the questions that come to mind weather you are a savvy veteran installer or a simple home owner. Everyone has their "Favorite" DVR due to the functionality and graphical interface that fits different people's preference. This creates confusion and problems when it comes to camera selection and camera stocking.

Here at Attract Energy we have a full line of 4-in-1 cameras that enables you to freely purchase any style you like without having to worry, if it will work with your DVR or your customer's DVR. You can minimize inventory confusion by having a camera that can switch to any leading COAX environment in the market.


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