TVI & CVI cameras, the birth of Cost effective HD Security System

Analog cameras have been around for quite sometime. It has progressed to higher and better quality through out the years that dominated the video surveillance market. Until this recent development of TVI & CVI cameras, the previous alternatives were a bit more expensive.

Understandably IP and HDI-SDI solution have higher resolution that can go all the way up to 20 Mega Pixels, which make it cost more than your analog system. Before today this was the only option, but not everyone needs Super Mega Pixel cameras.

We here in introduce you to the HD TVI & CVI technology. with the maximum RECORDING resolution of 1080p, it delivers up to 2 Mega Pixel, good enough to ID someone or possibly get a license plate from a distance. Its cost effective price point allows even homeowners to enjoy True HD quality. If you already have an existing analog system, it will be an easy upgrade. HD-CVI & HD-TVI will utilizes your existing wire infrastructure and allow you to simply plug and play the newly designed camera and DVR. We are currently one of the few distributors in the US that are offering this new technology; please give us a call for more information.

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720p HD- CVI & HD-TVI Technology Resolution

HD-CVI Sample Image720P HD- CVI & HD-TVI Technology Resolution with Zoom

HD-CVI Zoom Sample

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